Ambiance is nestled in Gulberg, Lahore, and is a reflection of its host city. Though there’s no way we could capture the ‘too muchness’ that is Lahore, we’re trying in our own way! A symphony (or cacophony? – you decide) of sound and sight, smell, taste and touch, it’s a juxtaposition, a contradiction, a visual feast! Ambiance is something you’ve always known but never quite seen in Lahore. We’re small but with a big personality. If you’re looking for perfection, we might not be your thing – we’re eclectic, a little quirky, sometimes over the top – and we totally own it!

Everything at Ambiance Lahore has been lovingly curated, from our eclectic art collection and ‘OTT’ sofas to the art deco cupboard in your room, from the mosaic on the floor to the trim on your bed throw – seemingly random and sometimes a little out there, it’s all designed to make your experience extraordinary. Ambiance Lahore is centrally located, with the city’s food hub – M M Alam Road – a mere kilometre’s drive away. Lahore’s landmark Liberty Market is less than five minutes away.


More than just a good night’s sleep

The focus shifts from experiencing art to experiencing living; the bustle of the city gives way to quiet sophistication. Rest… relax… exhale! Each of our 26 rooms has been thoughtfully curated with meticulous attention to visual and sensory detail to give you the perfect reprieve. This contrast-by-design is captured in the mellow palette and chic, cosy comfort of the décor, furnishings and fabrics – offset by a hint of bespoke artsy quirkiness, because that’s just who we are!


A feast for the senses and the soul: a space of art and creativity where you can expect to be immersed in an exuberant interplay of colour, conversation and cuisine. Café Ambiance, our signature hotel restaurant, serves a curated menu of upscale comfort food from around the world. Each item is done the Ambiance way, bringing you a tantalising array of flavours both familiar and new, made from the freshest ingredients, sourced locally as much as possible. Whether it’s a healthy start to your day or something more substantial, a lingering craving or a passing impulse, our menu is sure to give you just what you need, just when you need it.


Ambiance Lahore showcases some of the finest contemporary art from established contemporary artists including Atif Khan, Sonia Chundrighar and Mohsin Shafi, along with younger, emerging artists set to make a lasting impression such as Mohsin Shaikh, Ujala Khan, Rehman Zada, Yaseen Khan, Qadir Jhatial, Javaid Joya, Javed Iqbal Mughal, Zainab Aziz, Huda Ahmed, Anusha Novlani, Eemaan Rahman (Beygum Bano), Abdul Rehman and Aiman Batool among myriad others. (And, of course, we have a great little piece from the timeless modernist, Sadequain.)